Privacy Policy

Purpose of Personal Data Usage

Freeman & Partners (hereinafter referred to as "DKFL") has established the following personal information protection policy for the treatment of personal information within DKFL. DKFL will comply with this policy as well as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act") and other related legislation. For the purposes of this Personal Information Protection Policy, "Personal Information" means information regarding a natural person that enables identification of the specific person; and "Personal Data" means Personal Information that constitutes a personal information database, etc., and a personal information database, etc. means an assembly of information including Personal Information, which is an electronic database or which is designated by a Cabinet Order as being systematically arranged in such a way that specific Personal Information can be easily retrieved (e.g., a personal name directory).

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

DKFL will acquire Personal Information in the scope and manner necessary for the use purposes set forth in "2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information" below.

2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Personal Information acquired for one purpose included in either item set forth below may be used for any of the other purposes included in the same item.

  • (ⅰ) Provision of legal services:

    1. provision of legal services;
    2. responding to various types of inquiries, or the like; or
    3. other purposes incidental to those mentioned above (including the provision of information, receipt of applications, or the like, set forth under (ii) below).
  • (ⅱ) Provision of legal information or details concerning the possibility of providing legal information regarding:

    1. activities of our firm, or the like;
    2. invitations for, or receipt of applications for enrolment and participation in, seminars and symposiums;
    3. sending or transmission of, or receipt of applications for, newsletters; or
    4. provision of other information within the scope of this item, or receipt of requests for, or inquiries regarding, the provision of such information.
  • (ⅲ) Recruitments of attorneys, other staff or interns:

    1. provision of information, or receipt of applications for, or inquiries regarding, recruitment of attorneys, other staff or interns;
    2. ongoing communications and provision of information regarding DKFL to applicants for recruitment or those who have received an informal employment commitment;
    3. personnel management and training for those who have received formal employment offers; or
    4. other purposes incidental to recruitment activities.

3. Management of Personal Data

DKFL will take all measures that are necessary and appropriate to prevent disclosure, loss (the regular erasure of Personal Data will not be considered to be “loss”), impairment and any other mistreatment of Personal Data. In order to ensure the safe management of Personal Data, DKFL will supervise its attorneys and other staff as necessary and appropriate. When outsourcing the handling of Personal Data, all or in part, DKFL will supervise all outsourced service provider(s) as necessary and appropriate.

4. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

DKFL will not provide Personal Data to any third parties without the prior consent of the principal identified by the relevant Personal Data or unless authorized by law.

5. Request for Notification of Purposes of Use, Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation of Use or other Treatment of Personal Data

With respect to any Personal Data held by DKFL, if the principal identified requests any one of the items below, DKFL will first verify that the request is actually being made by or on behalf of the principal, and upon verification, DKFL will respond to the request in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  • (ⅰ) Notification of the purpose of use of the Personal Data;
  • (ⅱ) disclosure to the principal of the relevant Personal Data that enable identification of the principal;
  • (ⅲ) correction or deletion of, or addition to, the relevant Personal Data that enable identification of the principal; or
  • (ⅳ) discontinuation of use, erasure or discontinuation of the provision to third parties of the relevant Personal Data.

6. Inquiries

In the case of any inquiry regarding this Personal Information Protection Policy or any treatment thereunder, please contact the following:


7. Modification of this Personal Information Protection Policy

DKFL may modify this Personal Information Protection Policy as necessary, and any such modification will be posted on this website.