Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Douglas K. Freeman provides legal assistance to corporations, law firms and individuals on Japanese and international corporate legal matters.

Our services include advising on the following areas:

  • Business transactions, including drafting/negotiating agreements bilingually in Japanese and English
  • General corporate advice on Japanese and other legal matters in English and Japanese
  • Independent, international arbitrator in ICC, JCAA and other international arbitration
  • International commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Legal opinions on Japanese legal issues in English or Japanese

We are also willing to assist on one-of-a-kind matters, engaging specialists from our broad network of lawyers as needed (e.g., we have worked with firms in the US, Canada, Ecuador, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Kuwait, Israel, Hungary, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Uzbekistan).

The following are selected matters that we have advised on.

  • Corporate Practice

    1. Assisted negotiations for global SaaS provider in market-breakthrough transaction with Japanese corporation.
    2. Advised US corporation in Japanese general corporate legal matters, including employment law matters and litigation.
    3. Advised on drafting and negotiating various contractual matters, including joint ventures, international distributorship agreements, import agreements, publishing agreements and relating to food products, medical devices, semiconductors, software, SRL, utilities, energy, and music industries.
    4. Advised high-profile corporate executive in dispute with corporate board.
    5. Advised multinational corporation on Japanese labor and employment law issues (including working hours, redundancy, drafting employee handbook, etc.).
    6. Advised on Japanese privacy laws and GDPR.
  • International Arbitrator and Mediator

    1. Served as arbitrator in numerous ICC and JCAA international arbitration matters (including as Chairman and Sole Arbitrator).
    2. Serves on JCAA Procedural Advisory Committee (2014-).
    3. Mediator in JCAA mediation involving Japanese and Hong Kong parties
  • International Arbitration & Mediation

    1. Advisor to US law firm in breach of technology license agreement in JCAA arbitration
    2. Counsel to Japanese corporation in dispute with Korean corporation regarding breach of manufacturing agreement, including advice on ICC arbitration and mediation
  • International Litigation

    1. Counsel to Japanese corporation in litigation in New York state court regarding tort claim
    2. Counsel to Japanese corporation in US class-action
    3. Advised on Japanese Corporation and confidentiality breach litigation in Denmark court
  • Japanese Domestic Litigation

    1. Counsel to Japanese corporation in JPY 10 bil breach of contract dispute in Tokyo District Court
    2. Counsel to Japanese individual in in breach of representation claim in M&A transaction in Tokyo District Court
    3. Counsel in tort claim relating to accounting fraud in Tokyo District Court
    4. Counsel in claims concerning financial products
    5. Counsel in employment disputes concerning termination in Tokyo Labor Tribunal
    6. Counsel in software system manufacturing dispute litigation
    7. Counsel in defamation claim litigation
  • Opinion Practice

    1. Japanese corporate law opinion (in English) in US federal civil litigation matter
    2. New York law opinion (in Japanese) in international arbitration dispute
    3. Assisted US law firm in obtaining Japanese bankruptcy law opinion (in English) in significant international bankruptcy case.
    4. Assisted US client in obtaining Japanese securities law opinion (in English) in federal white-collar criminal investigation.
    5. Japanese law opinion in New York ICC arbitration on Japanese statute of limitations and corporate law issues
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    1. Assisted major Japanese corporation in purchase of US fashion business.
    2. Represented New York bank in acquisition of global operations company.
    3. Represented major Japanese steel manufacturer in defensive strategy in connection with international M&A matter.
  • International/US Antitrust & FCPA Assistance

    1. Assist in DOJ antitrust investigations of major Japanese corporations
    2. Assist in US FCPA investigation of Japanese corporation
    3. Assisted major global Japanese manufacturer in development of FCPA compliance program.